Physical coffee market supported by dollar


The domestic market finds support in the dollar to soften external losses and bring some stability to prices, after retreating last week. Hard cup arabica with 15% of defects is around BRL 400 to 410 in the south of Minas. The best coffees try to sustain themselves above the level of BRL 400 a bag, with finer cups reaching BRL 410 to 420 a bag. Positive highlight on cherry coffee, which has been scarce and indicated between BRL 490 and 500 a bag in the south and Cerrado of Minas Gerais.

As they were not keeping up with recent gains, the weakest cups felt less the impact of external losses. Even so, they dropped. Rio coffee with 20% of defects from Zona da Mata de Minas fell to BRL 295 a bag, losing the level of BRL 300 per bag. Conillon type 7 is around BRL 280 per bag in Vitória.