Physical coffee market adjusts to ups and downs abroad


The dollar has accumulated losses of 3.6% since its last high peak on October 16, when it exchanged hands at BRL 4.1880 at the day’s high. Coffee has sustained 7% gains since the low at 9.20 cents on October 11. The result is favorable to domestic physical prices. Hard cup with 15% of defects from southern Minas, which even exchanged hands between BRL 395 and 400 per bag, ended up reacting and is ranging from BRL 410 to 415. It failed to return to BRL 440 per bag as in early October, but moves away from the dangerous level of BRL 400 a bag. New crop indications range from BRL 430 to 440 for Sep/2020.

The finest cups are around BRL 425 to 430 per bag in Cerrado of Minas. Positive highlight on cherry coffee, which remained stable between BRL 490 and 500 per bag in the south and Cerrado of Minas. New-crop ​​fine cup from Cerrado is pegged between BRL 440 and 450 a bag for Sep/2020.

Rio coffee with 20% of defects from Zona da Mata de Minas rose to BRL 300 to 305 and can reach BRL 320 for light Rio. Conillon type 7 in Vitória is around BRL 276 to 280 per bag. The domestic market detached a little from ups and downs overseas.