Brazilian summer corn planting is advancing in some regions


Brazil’s 2019/20 summer crop presented a certain weather improvement with the rains occurred last week. At least this is happening in some specific localities and allowing planting progress. The insecurity of this planting, besides the delay, is about the continuity of the irregular weather for the development of crops. At least, in Mato Grosso, practically most of the soybean crops are planted, which contributes to a more optimistic view for the 2020 corn crop.

Summer corn planting is advancing in some regions. From Brazil’s South region to the south and southwest of Paraná we can say that the situation is normal with last week’s rains and the planting that must be completed until the first week of November. Basically, the good continuity of rains until January must guarantee a normal crop for the region.

The picture is not the same in other regions of the country. The important regions for the summer crop are São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Goiás. In these locations, last week’s rains were spotty. The sequence of spotty rainfall may help certain locations, but does not contribute to a general resumption of soil moisture conditions and good crop development. There is still a below normal range of soil moisture between northern Paraná, part of the Midwest of the country, and Minas Gerais. So far, nothing that affects production potential, however, there are cases of replanting and unfeasibility of using pivots due to water scarcity, as in the interior of São Paulo. Thus, the weather picture remains key at this moment.