Brazil exported 56.8 thousand tons of pork in September


The export flow showed a good pace in September, but the numbers were below market expectations. Domestic availability remains tight due to a balanced production and good export flow, factors that assure firmness for live pig prices and the main wholesale cuts in the domestic market. On the negative side, the highlight is the shyly evolving domestic demand, a behavior that tends to change more sharply in December due to the holiday season festivities. The meatpacking industry will begin to act more intensively in the purchase of animals soon, preparing for this year-end demand, which may open room for new readjustments.

Exports will continue to be a key factor for the Brazilian market in the short and medium term, responsible for adjusting domestic availability. According to data from the Foreign Trade Secretary (SECEX), Brazilian pork exports (totaling fresh and processed) totaled 56.8 thousand tons in September, representing an increase of 2.65% compared to September 2018. In Jan-Sep 2019, the volume exported by Brazil totals 512.8 thousand tons, an increase of 12.4% over 456.2 thousand tons in the same period of 2018. The accumulated revenue reached USD 1.067 billion, a jump of 21.4% over the revenue of USD 878.9 million obtained between Jan-Sep 2018.