Rain improves, but situation of corn is still critical in many locations


The planting has advanced in November where rains have improved. Much of Paraná, southern Mato Grosso do Sul, and southwest of Goiás received good rainfall over the week, and the planting must proceed. However, other locations in the southeast and east of Goiás are still with irregular planting, in a difficult situation to combine summer and second crops, since we are already in mid-November. Later soybean planting in these localities almost makes unfeasible the planting of the second corn crop within a still ideal window.

Last week’s rains helped correct regional problems without yet becoming a permanent condition of tranquility for the summer crop. The big issue is still the irregularity of rains. For this reason, the planting advances but still slowly. Paraná and southern Mato Grosso do Sul received better rainfall over the week, between 60/80 mm. For corn, however, the area that actually plants the summer crop between the two states is southwest and southern Paraná, and in these regions plantations now have a good development. However, these are crops to be reaped only from March. Northern Paraná and much of Mato Grosso do Sul reveal that the 2020 second crop will be either planted practically in March or part of its area switched for wheat.