Planting of soybean advances to final stretch in Brazil


The planting for the new Brazilian soybean crop had a good progress last week in most of the country’s growing states.

The Midwestern and Southeastern states have already virtually completed the work, benefiting from recent rainfall. In the South, there was a good advance of machines, while Bahia and Tocantins recovered the previous delay. Other states from the North/Northeast still have some delayed plantations.

According to research by SAFRAS & Mercado, until December 6, Brazilian growers sowed 90.8% of the total area expected for the country. The index is equal to roughly 33.62 million hectares sown, out of a total of 37.032 million hectares estimated for planting in the country. In the previous week, the index reached 84.3%. In year-ago comparative period the index reached 97.0%, while the five-year average for the period is 93.0%.