Weather of corn worries in Argentina, but improves in Brazil


While U.S. data for the 2019 season deserve correction, the South American crop is at its climax to close the summer production. In Brazil conditions have greatly improved and suggest a better development going forward. Attention, however, is now more focused on Argentina due to below-normal soil moisture conditions and forecasts for the next two months with maintenance of this scenario.

Next January the corn harvest must begin in Rio Grande do Sul and in the far west of Santa Catarina. Crops registered a good development with regular weather. Therefore, yield levels must be within the normal range, as the level of investment this year has declined due to high prices of fertilizers. In February and March, the harvest continues in other locations of these two states and also in the south and southwest of Paraná, in the latter case also without serious problems for crops this year, despite the initial irregularity of rainfall. In the southeast and midwest, as well as west and north of Paraná, summer crops will take a little longer to be reaped due to the initial delay.