Wholesale and live pig prices remain firm in Brazilian market


The prices of live animal and main wholesale cuts have shown a consistent high in the Brazilian market, with the prospect of new readjustments in the short term, considering that consumption tends to advance with the arrival of the thirteenth salary in the economy and end-of-year festivities, which has led stimulated retailers. The recently observed sharp upward movement in beef prices is also a favorable point for pork, which must lead a portion of households to migrate to more affordable proteins.

Domestic availability of pork is tight, favored by good exports, and slaughter is growing moderately throughout 2019, leaving no room for a surplus of supply in the domestic market. The attached graphs show the evolution of the monthly average price of a live kilogram and pork carcass in the Center-South of the country. In November 2019 the average of live kilogram closed at BRL 4.84, and a carcass kilogram at BRL 8.02, up 39% and 36% respectively, compared to November 2018.