Brazilian beef exports was again very positive in November


Brazilian beef exports was again very positive in November, with shipments reaching the level of 263 thousand tons, against 229.31 tons in the same period last year, up 14.83%. In the whole year Brazil already exported around 2.38 million tons, against around 2.17 million tons in the same period last year, up 9.9%. For pork the balance is also very positive, from January through November 2019 around 644 thousand tons of pork were exported, an important growth of 12% compared to the same period last year, when shipments totaled the volume of 575 thousand tons. For chicken the result is much more discreet, with a modest advance of 0.01%. In any case, the result of chicken farming has to do with a reduction in exports to non-traditional importers, and also a significant reduction of South African imports throughout the year. The trend for 2020 is for Brazil to continue to play a prominent role in animal protein exports to the Asian giant. This assessment is very natural given the difficulty in the Chinese domestic market, which will remain relevant for the next two to three years. Foreign exchange projections accentuate the choice of meat-packers to supply the international market. Therefore, under these conditions it is safe to believe that beef prices will remain high. In the case of beef the upward movement results in the readjustment of competing proteins given the difficulty of average consumers to absorb so many readjustments of a given product. As a turning point we have the advance of trade talks between the United States and China, which induces the Asian giant to import greater volume of US commodities, including pork and soybeans.