Get to know our solutions for Sugar

A direct and permanent with experts in markets and business
  • Customized bussiness planning along with real-time opportunity identification
  • Monitoring of execution of strategies and operations with exclusive alerts and reports
  • Support in risk managemente against price and currency fluctuations, integrating operations in the physical, futures, options and over-thecounter markets (OTC)
  • Trend forecasts and customized scenarios (national and markets), with identification of opportunities in real time

Rea-time update of stocks and physical prices, currencies, economic indicators, and exclusive news from SAFRAS Agency, besides a powerful graphic analys system and electronic tranding module with national and internationa exchanges. Historical price serie in both physical markets and stock and commodity exchanges.

Aplications developed fo smartphones and tablets that offer complete freedom to monitos the agricultural market in real time, especially CMA Mobile and SAFRAS Connect.
Continunious update throughout the day with stock and commodity prices, currencies and physical prices, online daily and weekly newsletters, current statistics and exports, historical database, finacial
Daily and weekly newsletters containing crop forecasts, statistics on production, harvest and exports, as well as historical data and market trends for the short and medium term. Ideal for those who want a fast overview of markets early every morning
The most complete historical database of the Brazilian agricultural market containing projections and statistics of production, consumption and physical marketing prices.
A complete family of services dedicated to providing real-time or deferred agricultural and economic content (stock quotes, physical prices, news, currencies, analyzes, trends and scenarios) for updating websites, intranets, applications, back-office, among other uses on demand.