Brazilian harvest of soybean gains strength

The harvest for the new Brazilian soybean season advanced at a strong pace past week. The low level of rainfall registered in most growing...

Soybean planting is finished in Argentina

The soybean planting of the 2019/20 season is finished in Argentina. The work advanced 2.4% last week. The total area is estimated at 17.4...

Imports cost of corn BRL 51 a bag at ports

With the support movement in regional prices, the import signal returns to the market. Indeed, advertisements on television, newspapers and...

Harvest of soybean begins in Brazil

The harvest of the new Brazilian soybean season has progressed at a moderate pace. The states of Paraná and Mato Grosso continue to stand...


Sugar prices rise 8% yoy in january in physical market

The physical sugar market had a January marked by advances in the average trading price of a bag of crystal sugar with up...

Dollar tests historical highs again

The dollar has surged, breaking the reference of BRL 4.30 to close Friday sold at BRL 4.3220. Now the dollar closed the first week...

Coffee physical market tumbles on external weakness

The Brazilian physical coffee market continues the negative movement, still strongly pressured by weakness on ICE. The dollar gains helped ease the decline in domestic...

Wholesale and live pig prices drop in January

The prices of the main wholesale and live animal cuts are decreasing this month, as a result of the retraction in domestic demand. A...



Optimism with coffee Brazil’s 2020 season

Optimism with Brazil’s 2020 season Another variable that affects prices and must set the tone of the market throughout this first...

Trade of new Brazilian soybean crop has good progress in December

The sale of soybeans of the new Brazilian soybean crop (2019/20) had a striking advance over the month of December. The remaining volumes of...

Brazilian coffee growers sold 77% of 19/20 season

Brazilian growers sold 77% of 19/20 season Growers took advantage of surging prices, which explains the good flow of sales...

USDA estimates 19/20 world production of coffee at 169.33 million bags

The USDA’s biannual report virtually maintained the world production at 169.33 million bags in the 19/20 season. The Department reduced the estimate for Brazilian coffee...

Soybean shipments to hit 74 mln tons in 2020

After a good performance in 2019, slightly above expectations, Brazilian soybean shipments tend to be even better in 2020. At least that is the...
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