U.S. crop of corn advances favorably

The first fundamental point for the second semester in this environment of the corn market is the U.S. crop. Estimates have...

Chinese demand boosts Brazilian soybean exports

Soybean exports from Brazil are expected to total 77.5 million tons in 2020, rising 5% over the volume of 2019, projected at 74.038 million tons....

USDA confirms trend of record U.S. crop of corn

The United States Department of Agriculture’s report for the month of May always creates greater tension for being the first...

Exports hit 14.206 mln tons of soybeans in May

The schedule of shipments at Brazilian ports indicates a volume of 14.206 million tons of soybeans for May, according to a survey carried out...


ICE coffee retreats and flirts again with psychological level of 100 cents

ICE RETREATS AND FLIRTS AGAIN WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL LEVEL OF 100 CENTS Coffee plummets on ICE Futures U.S., pressured by the decline...

Cyclone Amphan may enter the radar of the sugar market

In the same week that ISMA updated India’s crush figures for the first half of May, a strong tropical cyclone called Amphan was...

Brazil now focuses on potential export numbers of corn

The Brazilian second crop still has a few weeks to be fully defined, with pod filling, pollination effects in the...

Dollar fell 4.45% last week

Besides following the external scene, the foreign exchange market also reflected the attempt of rapprochement between the executive and legislative branches. The release of the...



Brazilian production of corn is cut to 101.5 million tons

The Brazilian corn crop was revised downwards in this May update, made by Safras & Mercado. The cut in...

ICO cuts consumption and points to coffee global surplus of 1.95 mln bags on...

ICO cuts consumption and points to global surplus of 1.95 mln bags on 2019/20 The ICO has revised downward its projections...

Brazil’S 2020 crop and weaker dollar push coffee prices down

Arabica coffee ended up falling on the NY exchange, changing its performance level downwards. The...

Brazil must export 73 million tons of soybeans in 2020

Brazilian soybean shipments in 2020 must exceed the February expectations. The strong demand from China, especially in the first half, must guarantee the good...

Harvest of soybean advances to final stretch in Brazil

The harvest of Brazil’s new soybean crop had another week of reasonable evolution in most of the country’s growing states, remaining above the national...
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