SAFRAS & Mercado is the leading consultancy in Brazilian agribusiness. Founded in 1976, it belongs to CMA Markets, a business unit of CMA Group specialized in the development of technological solutions and content for financial and commodities markets (including agricultural markets).

With highly specialized professionals, SAFRAS monitors on a daily basis national and international agricultural markets, providing exclusive information to clients from the public and private sectors, spread in dozens of countries. It is market reference due to its independence and credibility, and its contents are used by both public and private institutions.

Its services involve real-time news, daily and weekly reports of spot and futures markets trends, SAFRAS forecasts, agricultural spot prices and climate forecasts, grain (soybeans and by-products) and cereals (rice, corn, wheat, beans ), meat (cattle, chicken and pork), coffee, cotton, sugar & ethanol and bioenergy.

SAFRAS also offers a comprehensive consulting service on commercial and investment planning for many participants in agribusiness Market.

SAFRAS Educational offers the widest variety of Brazilian agribusiness in online or in-class courses, lectures and seminars. This training is given by renowned analysts with extensive experience in national and international markets.

Contact: +55 (51) 3290-9200

Email: safras@safras.com.br




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