China remains as major importer of Brazilian beef in 2019


The supply gap formed by the outbreak of ASF has resulted in China’s very aggressive performance in the international market. The consequence was a closer commercial relationship with Brazil. For pork the main beneficiary so far has been the European Union, which may change according to the subject discussed in the previous topic, with the US able to take over this place after the fall in pork tariffs. In other animal proteins, Brazil has become the primary choice, exporting significant volumes.

For beef, the total volume exported to China already reached the level of 311.58 thousand tons in 2019, in the same period last year shipments totaled 286.69 thousand tons, an important growth of 8.7%. With this imported volume, China accounts for around 19% of Brazilian beef exports. Hong Kong remains with an important role, buying around 287,000 tons of beef from Brazil, occupying a 17.5% share of all export volume. In addition, the volume of shipments reaches the important level of 36.5% of all Brazilian exports.