SAFRAS revises Brazil’s 2019 coffee crop to 57.05 million bags



The disappointing result in Cerrado and Zona da Mata in Minas Gerais, as well as below-expected production in São Paulo and Espirito Santo, eventually pushed the Brazilian arabica crop downwards. Thus, SAFRAS revised the Brazilian arabica production to 39.05 million bags, against 40.70 million bags in the previous projection at the beginning of the harvest in April. With that, arabica crop losses grow by 20% compared to the year earlier (48.70 million bags).


The reason for this weaker than expected performance is uneven maturation, which besides lowering productivity also affected quality, helping understand the higher stratification between cups and the appreciation of better coffees over the season. Conillon production was only slightly adjusted from 18.20 to 18 million bags. And with that, it still sustains an 11% advance over the previous season. Conillon production, especially in Espírito Santo, continues to recover after years of low productivity due to adverse weather.


Thus, the Brazilian coffee production was revised to 57.05 million bags, down from 58.8 million bags projected in April. 19/20 crop losses rise to 12% compared to the 18/19 season.